Just now super randomly out of nowhere thought of a new oc.

He is a toad rabbit. 

And I think I might name him Squidggiee. (/e_e)/

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These two were adoptables for Instagram ^_^

The Pantycoon and Sassy Bun Bun ~

I also think I’m in love with my brown colored pencils <3

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I tried to draw him as a chibi but I failed so I rolled with it and now he looks half his normal size xD
I&#8217;ve been thinking about his story lately and I think the concept is really good. I just have to make it work with his 10-12 crew members haha.
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I tried to draw him as a chibi but I failed so I rolled with it and now he looks half his normal size xD

I’ve been thinking about his story lately and I think the concept is really good. I just have to make it work with his 10-12 crew members haha.

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1,000 Follower Art Contest!

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

I’m hosting an art contest!

Anyone can join, you don’t have to follow me to enter. ^_^


Rules: To enter, simply follow the contest theme. Then reblog this post with your art entry at the top of the post (above the stars). I’ll like the reblog so you know that I saw your entry. Any art is fine (paint, pencil, digital, etc.) NO LINEART OR MAKERS. Everything must be 100% drawn by you. Entries do not have to be colored.

Deadline: September 24th , 2014 - 12AM Pacific Coast time. Winners announced the following day.

Contest Theme: Stars, Toothbrush, Candle, Fish, Music

-          Create a drawing using all of these things. It can have other objects or concepts but it must have ALL (stars, toothbrush, candle, fish, music) present in some form. They also don’t have to be separated, you can combine them, but each should be identifiable.

-          It can be any kind of a drawing so long as it has all theme words in it (example: a human/animal design based off these things or an abstract piece or a fantasy world of star people singing with toothbrushes that have fish tails or tattoo or anything you can think of)

-          You may explain the picture in a short paragraph under your entry if you’d like.

-          I should be able to identify each theme word. If it’s so abstract that I might not, then I recommend adding an explanation.

-          NO copyright/trademark symbols/characters etc. Everything must be original design.

Judging: Based on creativity NOT art skill.

-          The more creative it is the more likely it is to win! So don’t just draw a bunch of stars, toothbrushes, fish and candles with musical notes even if they look super amazing and professional. 

-          Really use your imagination to create something unique!

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

Prizes: 1st , 2nd and 3rd place

Winners will receive:

1st place: A blog feature and follow + Fully colored, full body drawing.

2nd place: A blog feature and follow + Half body pencil sketch with shading.

3rd place: A blog feature and follow + Chibi pencil sketch with no shading.

- I will NOT draw any copyright characters or fan characters (My Little Pony, Pokemon, etc.) for prizes. If you don’t have an original character I can design one for you ^u^ if you’d like something that’s not a character design I can do that too.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

Any entries that ignore the rules/contest theme will be automatically disqualified.

If you have ANY questions please send me a message ^_^

Good luck and have fun!

Thanks for joining! And thanks for 1,000 followers!

♥♫ Chisai ♪♥

Coloring progress.

I’ve been working on creating gradients c:

I just need to learn how to shade properly and I’ll finally start appreciating my work xD

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I redesigned the Captain now that I know what kind of forest I want him to be from. His design isn’t final though I still need to research forests more and change some of his colors.

xD That ballet picture was the result of some of my friends and me on Instagram talking about how manly the Captain is and then I just. I don’t know xD I laugh every time I see that picture though haha.


He’s from a temperate coniferous forest. He’s a dragon mixed with a spineless forest lizard (which is an endangered species) and his mane is woodland caribou. His nostrils are also caribou. 

The tendrils on his head are koru plants that are thorny. His ear is shaped like a columbine flower. He can open and close it. 

And he’s an oak tree. He has branches sticking out of his head. 

The mushrooms on his back are shelf fungi and his tail is a pine cone which he can also open and close. His top feather wings are American Redstart and the bottom are gold finch. 

And I don’t know about the thorns yet. His back is lizard/dragon and his stomach is oak. He’s about 7 feet tall and all muscle, has no teeth and really sharp claws. 

And I still can’t think of a suitable name for him. I was thinking about Niabi but I don’t know.

I want his name to relate to trees, freedom or kings. And it has to sound amazing. <3

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Drew him with some of my other ocs <3

Chisai is like ENGULFED in his mane xD my goodness.

Artemis is soooo cuteeeee. Someone suggested I draw them together <3

And poor Monkey Butt doesn’t like that game xD 

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