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Chisai is my business trademark, please don’t create your own versions of her.


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Chisai is my business trademark, please don’t create your own versions of her.

What’s Your Favorite Dog Breed?


Boston Terrier

English Bulldog

Chow Chow (I need like a million of these teddy bear <3)


St. Bernard

American Pitbull

Tibetan Mastiff

xD I love all dogs but these ones are just sooooo adorable to me <3 I also really want a camel.

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My birthday is on the 24th, and when it is, I shall draw my own version of Chisai and defeat your army of pancakes.

xD happy almost birthday. Just make sure you credit when you draw her :3 and if I can find time I’ll try to a new picture of Chisai too xD like in a tank or something lol

Because Lazy

I was looking through my archive cuz I was gunna reblog some old art xD but I don’t feel like it anymore. But holy geez August was a good art month wasn’t it? Look at all that fully finished digital and traditional work.

And then September and October are mostly text posts. But that’s not so bad it means I’m interacting more with you guys :3 which I’m glad I’m doing xD I enjoy my blog so much more now that I’m not just posting artwork and leaving.

I really am tired of drawing though xD but I can’t stop until I move so I can craft again. If I’m able to draw new keychain designs and sell them that’ll happen faster. But I just don’t feel like doing digital or traditional anymore.

I honestly don’t think getting a digital tablet will change that either. But I do need one. 

I don’t know. I want to look into sculpting to see if that would be better to do than embroidery. If I really can’t force myself to finish new artwork then I will just have to keep my sewing or sculpting supplies in a bag and go somewhere else to craft.

xD omg especially once I have money. I’ll be able to buy new materials to work with and I definitely will want to. Anything to get this business going again. I can’t stand waiting paycheck to paycheck.


Well anyway, I was going to stay at the library all day again today but I’m so tired and hungry. xD and I started watching Princess Tutu again last night, I nneeeeeedd to finish it <3 <3 <3 I freaking love that show. And the fact that Mytho is never wearing pants xD

- Tashina the Impatient

She is the terror in the night, stealing your cheesecake and drawing rainbows on the walls ~
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Chisai is my business trademark, please don’t create your own versions of her.

She is the terror in the night, stealing your cheesecake and drawing rainbows on the walls ~

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Chisai is my business trademark, please don’t create your own versions of her.


I have a huge list of animals that I want to turn anthropomorphic, to name a few: alligator sumo wrestler, owl opera singer, raccoon and rat garbage men, and a dumbo octopus ballerina. Those will be my next projects xD

^u^ here are some of my other fursonas aside from the Captain and his crew though.


Chow Mein 

Chow Mein is a chow chow dog and is a royal guardian. He’s in charge of protecting the prince during a civil war that broke out between rival nations. He is known as “The Black Dragon” on the battlefield and is very aggressive. With his prince however he is super polite and nice and refuses to address him informally even when he asks xD he takes his job as protector very seriously.

Gunner and Canon

Gunner is an angora rabbit and Canon is his pet hill myna. They are both DJs and mostly make instrumental hip-hop songs. Gunner is kinda preppy and likes to wear formal clothing a lot. He can be judgmental at first but he’s ultimately a nice guy. He’s also a tech nerd and loves to build computers and stuff from scratch.

Leandros (Lean)

Lean is an Asiatic bactrian camel. He’s supposed to be a lion tamer xD cuz that’s what his name means but idk about that. He used to be from Africa but now I want him to be from Asia. He’s best friends with Artemis and he hangs out with a lion pride. I still have to think about him and his story.


Artemis is a baby Asiatic lion <3 omg he’s so precious. He’s always getting into trouble and is quite a nuisance to Leandros but he absolutely adores him. They are always together and he loves to play. He enjoys booping everyone on the nose gently with his paw and can be lazy sometimes.


Squiddgieee is a toad rabbit xD she loves swimming and eating and reaallllyy loves being pet. She’s super shy though. She is a professional martial artist and can defeat powerful nations singlehandedly xD if she wanted to.

ike-designs answered your question“What Is A Furry?”
Well a furry is someone who likes to draw, write, talk about, dress up as, etc, as anthropomorphical creatures, aka furries

So all of the above xD

I guess I’m confused cuz it seems like everyone in it is in it for a different reason. Or they like all that stuff but say they aren’t a furry?

I went to Califur last year which is a furry convention in Irvine. And I was talking to some of the people there. There were some who said they weren’t a furry they just liked the art and costumes or they had a fursona but they didn’t consider themselves furries and others were like YEAH I’M A HARDCORE FURRY but I don’t like the costumes they scare me and I’m just like okay what xD and these people are at a furry convention. Or there were those who were just there cuz their friends were or their girl friend/ boy friend asked them to or got them into the artwork so they tagged along.

I’m pretty convinced that most people are furries they just don’t want to be associated with that label because it has a bad connotation. I of course don’t consider myself one xD but I guess I am since I do all these things.

I just broaden the categories. I freaking love conventions I don’t care what they are about especially if there is cosplay involved xD Yes I draw and write I’m an artist and an author. I have always loved cosplay I don’t care what kind of costume it is though I have more interest in full body or mascot style costumes animal or otherwise. I really enjoy character and creature design especially ones for video games. And dragons have always been my favorite animal xD even when I was little I used to pretend I was one. But who honestly wouldn’t want to be a dragon? Come onnnn xD being anything that isn’t human would be pretty badass if you ask me. I’d say that’s pretty normal. Hell I wouldn’t mind being a sea turtle. <3 I love turtles. 

But maybe I’m just over thinking everything xD

I do want to have my business focus A LOT of attention on educating the masses as to what furries really do which is basically as I see it anything anyone else does. Hell there were people from the military at Califur. So hopefully by the end of my reign in 80 or so years I will have remedied this bad association with furries xD

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10/10. Would send message if not so new to Tumblr

xD baw <3

image On all my posts there should be that icon which is the reply button. You can respond to any art or text or other post with that.

image on my actual blog page are these two icons at the top. The question mark is for asks, you can say comments or whatever it doesn’t have to be a question xD and the pencil is for submitting so you can send comments or pictures and videos and stuff to me.

I have the option to post to my blog but I won’t post it if it’s copyright or a character that belongs to you. I want to keep my blog full of only things that I make so if someone asks I can be like YEARP everything on this page was made by me xD

For asks if it seems like a conversation I usually answer privately and don’t post so we can just chat together without anyone else seeing :3 if it’s a question I usually post it to the blog. Or you can just send fanmail and it can’t get posted at all.

If you’re on mobile it’s different and I’m not sure how it works but there is a send fanmail button at the top on mobile. You can also send fanmail on the computer but I’m not sure how xD there should be like a drop down menu or something. 

Talk to me whenever

^-^ I have to go now library is about to close.

But just wanted to let yall know you can message me whenever xD I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. I know a bunch of you do already and ty <3 I love talking to you guys xD

And we can RP too and I’ll try to doodle some parts digitally.

See yall tomorrow c:

- Tashina the Sexy Dragon Pancake Paladin


I have 13 main fursonas xD and I finally named them all.

Uh. Except the Captain. Who is my main main fursona xD pfft

I haven’t had time to draw updated pictures of them so enjoy some old work :3 and a bit of personality and story.


The Captain

He is a forest dragon born on an isolated island with many other species of forest dragon. He was told not to mingle with anyone else though so he pretty much stayed with his family most of the time. He has two older sisters. The forest he lived in is locked in time and everyday pretty much repeats itself.

The Cap began to notice and question more and more, until eventually one day the forest was mysteriously burned down. He was separated from everyone and ended up running all the way to the beach which he had never seen before. 

Instead of staying on the island he decided to explore. He flew out to sea as far as he could go. He flew for a few days before his wings couldn’t handle anymore flight and plummeted into the ocean. 

Luckily a pirate ship had seen him and took him aboard. An atticus atlas moth was the captain of that ship and he helped the Captain regain his strength. They became good friends and eventually the moth captain gave his ship over to the Captain. 

For awhile he took command but eventually left to start his own crew.

He is very stupid and doesn’t really know how to do anything since he lived a very sheltered life. He is full of himself and likes to show off his muscles. He cannot open pickle jars or swim xD and he loves adventure and helping people and seeing the world. 

He has a VERY strict policy of no killing for him and his crew.

Agave (Vivi)

Vivi is an ibex and a very tough/manly one at that. She was raised in a very strict home to be a proper lady but that just isn’t her. She ran away and was eventually recruited by the moth captain and served on his ship until she met the Captain. She is a very good leader and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She can pretty much do anything and knows everything about ships. When the Captain left to make his own ship he recruited her to be his first mate. He had noticed how amazing she was at doing everything even though everyone else on the ship pretty much ousted her for being a woman.

Calis (Ace)

Ace is an orchid praying mantis and serves as third in command + master carpenter. He takes care of ship repairs mostly and directly reports to Vivi anything wrong with the ship or the crew. xD He rarely goes to the Captain cuz he’s really useless. I’m not sure about his past or why the Captain recruits him yet. And I don’t know much about his personality either.


Leviathan is a frilled lizard. He’s still just a kid and is also kind of a brat. The Captain makes him fourth in command and he also serves as the Captain’s cabin boy. He isn’t recruited by the Cap, instead he hears tales of the amazing adventures of the Captain and his crew and desires a spot on the ship. He looks up to the Captain and follows him around everywhere and copies everything that he does. He wants to be strong and brave like the Captain but is almost as useless as the Captain on the ship xD nobody likes him because he is useless and has such a high rank, and is kind of a jerk. He especially doesn’t get along with Abisha. He is very prejudice against him.

Abisha (Abby)

Abby is a dik dik. He is VERY outspoken and loves to hear himself talk. He loves spouting inappropriate and suggestive one liners. He also doesn’t take crap from anyone xD He’s the master gunner on the ship and also specializes in creating custom weapons. Most of his work is with heavy artillery but he can make the small stuff too. He is gay and a crossdresser. He is also very close to his mom who became a single mother after his father was killed at work. He and his family pretty much stayed by themselves and didn’t mingle with anyone else, but eventually Abby’s mother wanted him to see the world. He didn’t want to and stayed with her until she died as well. That forced him to to go out. He got involved with an antelope gang for awhile and made guns for them. When they started doing sketchy business and other terrible things he decided to defect and left the city. He is eventually recruited by the Captain.


Reni is a tree kangaroo. He is basically Abby’s assistant on the ship. I’m not sure about him or his story yet xD he was supposed to be a thief but I changed that after I found out male tree kangaroos don’t have pouches. I’d like to keep him anatomically correct. I also wanted him to know Abby before being recruited but I’m not sure if I want them to be gun partners or lovers or something.

Gaugoran (Gau)

Gau is a sloth bear and the ship’s surgeon. He prefers peace and quiet and can always be found doing yoga or other relaxing exercises. He is very gifted in acupuncture and can fix most wounds. People are usually afraid of him because they think he’s a werewolf xD he can be grumpy a lot. I’m not sure why the Captain recruited him or what his past is.

Sumac (Maki)

Sumac is a Peruvian striped owl and is the cook on the ship. He is a very good tracker and hunter and usually catches food and serves it fresh. I’m not sure about his past or personality yet xD but he is very good with food. His name is the name of a spice. xD so maybe his personality will be spicy lol


xD omg. Doddi is a dodo bird. He is the sail maker and able seaman which means he’s in charge of fixing sails and pretty much helps out around the ship when sails are good to go. He is incapable of speaking coherently and only the Captain, Tohlirika, and Abby can understand what he says. He also makes custom clothes, armor and flags for the crew and the ship. He also helps make the Captain’s amazing pirate coat <3 Abby has a huge crush on him xD I’m not sure about him or his story but I want it to be super tragic and relate to extinction. He’s going to be a fun character though xD like omg why is this fool wearing a Hawaiian outfit on a pirate ship?!?! lol

Tohlirika (Liri)

Liri is a leatherback turtle. He has served the royal courts and been all over the seas. He is the navigator on the ship and never gets lost. He likes to take detours and go through dangerous seas to spice up the adventure. He is BEST pals with the Captain they both are dorks xD He is recruited by the Captain after he was told that he is too old to work for the royal courts anymore. He can be very sarcastic and snappy. He makes fun of the Captain a lot for not being able to swim and open pickle jars xD

Glib and Key

Glib is a tarsier and Key is her pet kiwi bird friend. Glib talks A LOT and sometimes doesn’t shut up even when she should. She is really nice and likes to talk to Vivi a lot since she’s the only other female on the ship all the time. She is the lookout on the ship and is actually very good at her job xD well most of the time. I’m not sure what her past is or why the Captain recruits her.

Ekundayolarkè (Lark) and Kirabodayomifè (Ifè)

xD Lark and Ife are Suriname toads. I haven’t drawn Ife yet, she’s Lark’s wife and they have three children. Lark likes to wear a giant afro wig and he loves music. He plays a lot of instruments and sings. He really loves to sing about his wife xD they argue a lot but they love each other a ton. Ife thinks he looks ridiculous with the wig and usually takes it from him and she can come off as grumpy a lot but she is really nice and adores their three children. She carries them in her back always xD and they all sing together. I still have more to think about for them, but I wanted Lark to already know the Captain from the island where he was born. 

i-m-obnoxious answered your question“What Is A Furry?”
Furries have a bad rep because they are associated with animal rapists sadly :/ U

So I’ve heard. I just don’t understand how it all started though xD I’m pretty sure the first people to coin the term “furry” weren’t into bestiality. So somehow along the way it got warped. 

But it’s just stupid to me cuz from all the things I’ve been told a furry is, it seems like 90% of the population is a furry. Liking animals or animal related artwork being one of the main reasons. 

I think if there were a concrete definition it would help eliminate the “animal rapist” stereotype.

Even when people ask me what a furry is I’m just like idk people who like animal art? xD