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omg xD I read that as “I want creative donuts”

And then for some reason I pictured a pink sprinkled donut wearing a hero cape and a top hat.

AHM. BUT THANKS <3 CAPS LOCK IS THE MEANING TO LIFE AFTER ALL <3 <3 I AM HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE MY WORK ;u; *crys with you rubbing our headphones together to create rainbow magic synergy of twinly powers*

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Hai! So what is all the legal stuff for? (We talked on Twitter earlier)

Hello again <3

Theft is only the beginning of the legal battle! xD

In my case I’m using Chisai not just for copyrights but as a business trademark, and possibly might delve into the patent realm as well once I start getting into robotics and more complex crafts.

All of which are complicated matters xD and I’m still not sure if I’ll have to get her registered as a copyright AND a trademark because I intend to use her design for so much. Most likely yes.

But registering her copyright will protect her from theft if someone tries to sell artwork or crafts of her without my permission. I’ll also get more money if I decide to sue the person and they are found guilty. She’s also my business trademark though which means she’s basically the mascot for my business. When people see her they should think of me and my work. I need that protected as well.

Another thing I’m not sure about yet is when I start making costumes of her. I’ve been thinking I’ll probably have to be pretty strict about people cosplaying her (or any of my characters) since I plan on using them myself to promote my business, which is costuming.

For instance if someone were to dress up as Chisai and people mistook that person for me or someone who represented my business. If they did something terrible while in the costume that could damage my reputation by association. 

Once I start doing robotics and stuff I might be getting patents for that. Which means people can’t make my stuff, again without my permission xD

But if I wanted to I could sell rights to certain companies which would bring in more moolah for me. I don’t think I’ll ever sell any rights of Chisai but I might do so for my other character designs.

And as well if someone comes along and claims that I stole their character (if for some reason their design looks similar to Chisai) I will have everything registered already. So they’ll have to provide amazing proof that I did steal their character design otherwise the court will rule in my favor. 

So it isn’t just for theft. It’s for protection and money as well xD and doing things legally anyway is the best way for any business to go.

Theft will happen no matter what anyway, I’ve come to terms with that. Especially since not all countries abide by copyright laws and stuff. Some of my Etsy buddies have gotten their designs stolen and there’s nothing they can do about it.

But I still have a lot of my own research and talking to lawyers to do. Business law is very intense xD I haven’t even scratched the service. All of that might change as well once I move to Arizona since laws are different state to state.

Up until recently I didn’t even want to draw pictures of Chisai because I was afraid of all this. But after doing more research I understand that I can, I just have to make it very clear that she is not to be redistributed or recreated by anyone without my permission. Which will mean someone trying to pass off not knowing that Chisai was my business trademark won’t fly in court.

Well Then.

I had a whole rant prepared for you guys today too xD but then I got distracted pfft.

And I wanted to stay at the library today too. I was going to do a join me to motivate me to draw something but then I decided not to. But it looks like I ended up staying anyway. And drawing too LOL I love how things work out.

Anyway I will respond to the rest of you tomorrow when I come back c:

Laterz <3

- Tashina the Derp

I came to the library to advertise and then go home and it’s almost 8pm.

xD Can we just sit and appreciate for a second the fact that I’ve been redrawing old characters on my laptop for almost 8 hours.

What have you guys done.

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How about if you take a picture of old chisai and new chisai


So who’s ready for story time?

Chisai has actually been in the making since middle school xD

I stole her name from a flash video called Chisai Bunny Bunny, back when flash video first started getting popular.

She originally was supposed to be a pen name caricature for my stories (kinda like how some manga artists draw themselves in the extra parts in the back of the manga detailing how they thought of the story or whatever)

And at first I wanted to be a cat fairy witch girl. 


Cat fairy witch girl. xD like what even

It’s a cute character but omg she’s not even dark skin like I am D: that was before I appreciated my darkness and minorities in anime in general xD

In high school I had gaiaonline. So I used that to make a caricature for me. Her name was still going to be Chisai. And after the gaia phase was over in college I kept drawing Chisai.

She became more like me over time. I have always loved dragons and started to love bunnies so I decided to combine them. And I used to like the idea of me being chibi so I was a chibi with bunny ears and dragon horns. 

Couple years ago Chisai was supposed to have my human form, a furry form, the bunny form, and a dragon form. And the story was that I only turned into them depending on my mood. 

THEN I got super hardcore into yaoi xD for about two years. And I gave Chisai the uke version and seme version. 

Once I started the business I changed all of that. I kept editing her design and thinking more about her story in relation to my other characters.

And then I decided that she should be a completely separate entity from me because we are very different.

Whereas she is always happy and loves everyone and all that I am a little bit more realistic and depressing. Which is where Science, Logic, and Dragons comes into the picture. Because I do intend to keep things personal in my business, I just want to make sure everyone is reminded that I am not Chisai nor am I going to try to be like her xD so we are separate.

I know I say that I’m 100% happy with her design right now but I’m pretty sure I’ll find something to change about her still xD same with my caricature at the moment. I just have to get my biz together and figure out how I want to conduct things before things get set in stone.

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(^ Is my doggeh Archie.)

( /u\) Guys omg stop. Ugh. I never thought I’d ever be able to draw the way I do now xD and I never expected anyone to find it impressive or cute. 

*doesn’t know how to say thank you enough*

And I’m just sitting here like but you know there’s a million artists out there who draw better than me I’m just doodling and stuff

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Siense wat age you draw

xD well when my dad’s sperm fertilized my mom’s egg of me, as the cell grew into the human being that would become me, it also created a sketchpad and pencil so that I could draw in the womb.

I’ve technically been drawing since elementary school. Just for fun back then of course. But I came in second place in second grade for a chalk drawing of flowers which, we were supposed to copy a picture and I pretty much did it perfectly except that I tried to color it in which ruined a good portion of it. After that a couple people tried to recruit me for art school but momma said nupe.

But when I got more into anime in middle school is when I decided I WANNA MAKE MY OWN CHARACTERS AND MY OWN MANGA and I drew everyday. That was in sixth grade. Idk like 10 or so years ago. Estimating when I was 10-12 years old. I used to copy Inuyasha style mostly but the pictures I just posted were those rare ocassions I tried to do it myself xD

But yeah~ I’ve always been more into writing though. So fanfiction was pretty huge too. And I always made stories and tried to draw the characters. I guess I still do that huh? Pfft.